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  • Brief Introduction of Kneader Paddle

    The hollow and internal circulation kneader mixing paddle is composed of a kneader mixing paddle shaft, a blade body, a blade surface, a compensator, and an internal circulation flow channel cavity

    2020-03-30 2662

  • Vacuum kneader maintenance specifications

    Standards for maintenance of vacuum kneaders: 1. After the vacuum kneader is installed, it is the first to carry out the removal, decontamination and scrubbing of rust-proof vegetable oil.

    2020-03-30 2913

  • Vacuum harrow dryer

    The vacuum harrow dryer belongs to a type of vacuum dryer equipment. Naturally, the vacuum drying equipment at this stage is diversified into various forms: double cone rotary vacuum dryer equipment, column mixing vacuum dryer equipment, and vacuum disc d

    2020-03-30 2761

  • Advantages and disadvantages of dry powder mixer

    The column type powder mixer is simply a column type mixing tank. The advantage is that the area is small, the structure is simple, the net weight is light, the noise is not large, the price is affordable, and it is easy to maintain.

    2020-03-30 2924

  • How to use the mixer reasonably?

    For fractional mixers, it is critical that the mixing time is clearly targeted at the quality of the mixing. If the mixing time is too short, the material cannot be sufficiently mixed in the mixer and is discharged.

    2020-03-30 2497

  • Features and considerations of 3D mixer

    1. The design concept of the mixing cylinder of the three-dimensional mixer is different.

    2020-03-30 2653

  • Some knowledge about the reactor

    The reaction kettle can be made of stainless steel plates such as SUS304 and SUS316L.

    2020-03-30 2606

  • Detailed classification of kneader

    Speaking of a kneader, in fact, it is a kind of mixed mixer. The kneader is bred by a pair of blades that are common and rotating with each other to produce a violent shear effect

    2020-03-30 4097

  • Inspection of the kneader before leaving the factory

    Kneader is the key equipment for producing electrode paste, anode paste, graphitized electrode and various carbon products.

    2020-03-30 4085

  • What is the difference between a mixer and a mixer

    The mixer is composed of a horizontally rotating container and a rotating vertical stirring blade. When the molding material is stirred, the container turns to the left and the blade turns to the right.

    2020-03-30 4003

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