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The kneader is the main equipment for producing electrode paste, anodizing paste, graphitized electric grade and various carbon products. It is suitable for kneading raw materials such as stone nicotine, bitumen coke, cast coke and anthracite. The range of particle size distribution of the mixed raw materials is 4-15mm.

1. Each kneader must pass the inspection of the manufacturer's inspection unit to reach the standard, and it can only be shipped out with a certificate of compliance.

2. Each kneader shall be subjected to a full load test at the rated speed ratio for 30 minutes before leaving the factory. The product shall meet the following requirements.

1. The equipment is running normally and stably, and there should be no abnormal noises. Controlling the equipment is convenient and reliable.

2. There must be no looseness of each connecting piece or standard piece.

3. For mass-produced products, at least two samples should be sampled each year, and experiments should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of JB / T9820.3. The results should meet the requirements of 3.4.

4. When ordering products for acceptance by enterprises, the acceptance should be carried out in accordance with this specification. If it does not pass, it should be submitted for acceptance by the manufacturer after repairs. When the application company complies with the requirements of the manual for mixers required by the manufacturer, within one year from the effective date of purchase, if the production is damaged due to poor manufacturing quality, the manufacturer shall guarantee, return and return without reason.

5. The quality of paint coating shall be inspected according to the requirements of JB / T5673.

3. Labeling, packaging, transportation and storage

1. Each kneader should be fixed at a prominent position with a fixed product identification plate. The identification plate should meet the requirements of GB / T13306. The identification plate should indicate the following:

a) the name of the manufacturer;

b) product name and model specifications;

c) Spindle bearing speed ratio;

d) production efficiency;

e) Driving force of supporting facilities;

f) machine weight;

g) product serial number;

h) Product delivery time.

2. Mark the rotation direction of the motor rotor with a red arrow on a prominent part of the casing.

3. The kneader should be packaged before shipment, and the packaging should be convenient for transportation and ensure that the product will not be damaged.

4. Notes (accessories and special tools) to accompany the product should be provided.

5. Each product should be accompanied by the following documents:

a) packing list;

b) product quality inspection certificate;

c) product manual;

d) Customer opinion survey form.

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