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Glue mixer: machinery and equipment commonly used when mixing or configuring adhesives.

Spray gun: Under pressure effect, spray the water-based polyurethane material adhesive to the surface of the adherend.

Squeegee, squeegee, squeegee: can control the adhesive to a special thickness and uniformly apply the glue to the surface of the coated stick or the coated object.

Splicing machine: The two pre-adjusted parts are stretched and pressed together at a certain temperature, pressure and time. The pulling force is very designed with adjustable level to ensure the average force of the component. Temperature CNC machine tool, clear and high precision. Standing digital pressure gauge can be preset pressure range. Adjustable pressing time automation technology.

Polypropylene filament machine: machinery and equipment such as paper prepregs and textiles with adhesives. It is generally composed of rollers, dipping tanks, rollers, scrapers and drying devices.

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