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1.Push-type stirring dispersing machine

The pusher agitator is composed of three blades, and it is in a spiral shape. Like the pusher propeller on a ship, it is generally used for raw materials that require strong stirring for chemical changes and not too high viscosity. It is more suitable for the reflection management system of milky liquid or mixed liquid with a small amount of solid. Its speed ratio is generally 300-600r / min.

2. Paddle type disperser

The paddle mixer is a very simple type of stirring. The production is simple, and the output power of stirring is low. Generally divided into vertical blade paddle type agitation (also known as "a" shape paddle type agitating paddle) and folding blade paddle type agitation. Applicable to two low-viscosity phase solution management systems. Its speed ratio is generally 20-80r / min (commonly used in low-speed mixing and mixing, paint coloring and other places, the rate is constant speed).

3. Turbine type stirring and dispersing machine

Turbine agitator is a very suitable agitator used in the reflection management system that must be stirred very strongly. Turbine agitator can be divided into: vertical leaf type, curved leaf type, folded leaf type, disc type vertical leaf, circular disc curved leaf and other turbine type stirring. For liquids with a wide range of viscosities or high density, the liquid mixture with solid particles with a relatively high concentration and its vapor must be sufficiently dispersed in the liquid to reflect the management system. Generally, a turbine type agitator is used. Its speed ratio is generally 200-1000r / min. (Common in places where a disperser must be rapidly dispersed and depolymerized)

4. Bar or Anchor Disperser

The strip stirrer and the anchor stirrer belong to the same kind of stirrer. The main difference between them is that they look a little different. When applied to liquid mixture, the distance between solid and liquid density need not be very large. Its speed ratio is generally 15-60r / min (this type of mixer is generally used in places with relatively high viscosity, such as similar mud-like raw materials, there is not much fluidity, and the output power of the disperser is relatively high, due to the low viscosity of the high viscosity The raw materials must have a motor with sufficient torque to ensure that the current is not exceeded, and it is not easy to burn the motor due to excessive torque and insufficient rated power of the motor).

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