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Foam glue jointing agent, also known as polyurethane foam jointing agent, because it is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly, easy-to-use building decoration material, and is commonly used by everyone to seal leaks, fill words and other aspects, but Everyone is not very clear about the product characteristics, efficacy, and how to use the foam sealant. As a person in the manufacturing industry, the net editor will tell everyone today for reference only.

1. Introduction of Foam Glue Sealant

1.1 Definition and efficacy

Foam glue (also known as polyurethane foam jointing agent) is a one-component, in-vivo moisture-curing, multi-functional foamed polyurethane-filled ductile rubber seal. Polyurethane foam jointing agent is a unique polyurethane product filled with polyurethane prepolymer, foam rubber, metal catalyst and other components in a pressure aerosol can. During the construction, the aerosol colloid solution is sprayed to the location to be constructed according to the matching facility glue gun or manual nozzle, and the entire process of forming, polyurethane foaming, bonding and sealing is performed in a short time. The cured foam polyurethane elastomer has high-quality properties such as adhesion, moisture resistance, heat resistance expansion and contraction, heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, and flame retardancy (limited to flame retardancy). Filling tightness at deformation seams and perforations.

1.2 Features

Generally, the drying time is within ten minutes (in a natural environment with an indoor temperature of 20 ° C). The total drying time varies with the working temperature and ambient humidity. In general, the total drying time in summer is about 4-6 hours. In winter, it will take 24 hours or more to go to full zero. Under all normal application standards (and under the condition of a soil layer on its surface), the service life of its service items is estimated to be not less than ten years, and the cured foam maintains stable extension in the temperature range of -10 ° C to 80 ° C. And cohesiveness.

1.3 Operation method of foam glue jointing agent

① Eliminate waste on the wall or surface of the material, vegetable oil and grease, and spray with a small amount of mist water to fill the place

② Construction and application in the temperature range of 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, if construction in the severe cold season, in order to ensure the practical effect of the application, it is proposed to heat the storage tank in a natural environment of 30 ℃

③ Shake vigorously for about one minute before and after construction, keep the storage tank upside down during construction

④ After the construction of each tank is finished, please use a special type of cleaner to clean up the part of the external thread of the glue gun. When each continuous construction is finished, use a special type of cleaner to clean all the gun gun rifling to prevent solidification and blockage.

⑤ Repair and laser cutting should be carried out after the foam is completely cured. Special attention should be paid to the fact that cutting off the skin of the foam will reduce the compressive strength of the foam and reduce the actual sealing effect of the foam.

This product is not resistant to UV light and is recommended for further dispensing, covering and spraying.

1.4 Safety considerations

It is strictly forbidden to pierce or light fuel tanks and empty tanks. During the construction period, open flames and pyrogens shall not be used during transportation and storage. Fire shall be avoided to prevent collision and direct sunlight. The temperature of the tank shall not exceed 45 ° C;

Can not be reversed. Under normal circumstances, the open tank contains working pressure. If it is not handled properly, there is a risk of explosion (or cracking);

Wear protective goggles and rubber gloves during construction, and ensure excellent natural ventilation;

If the foam accidentally touches your eyes and skin, please wash it with detergent immediately, and then wash it with cold water, and consult a doctor if necessary. Cured foam generally has only reflective elimination;

This product has an acrylate component, and the uncured colloidal solution is irritating. Put the cans and empty cans out of reach of children to prevent accidents and risks. This product belongs to flammable, flammable and explosive dangerous goods. Transportation and storage are carried out in accordance with relevant requirements. Please store the product in a cool and dry place below 25 ° C. The shelf life is generally around 9-12 months.

2. Machinery and equipment for the production of foam glue jointing agent

At this stage, China has thoroughly grasped the secret recipe and production technology of this type of product, and has widely used fluorine-free foam that does not damage the atmosphere. Except that some manufacturers still use imported valve parts, other supporting facilities have been produced in China.

The production of foam sealant is divided into two stages, one is the production stage (reaction tank is used), and the other is the canning stage.

(To use a filling machine, air compressor and block shaker), each of them will introduce the following in detail:

2.1 Production stage (reaction tank)

Machinery and equipment for producing foam sealant

Polyurethane foam suture production machinery and equipment is divided into two parts, one is the production of foam rubber white material recipe and the other is raw material canning. For large-scale production companies can choose to produce white materials on their own, saving costs, and companies produced by small-scale taxpayers can immediately purchase white materials. The white material production machinery and equipment are mainly based on the reaction tank, otherwise known as the tanker truck, which maintains the mixing, heating, volatilization, refrigeration, and low-speed mixing prescribed by the processing technology. A variety of raw materials of white material are added to the vessel for sufficient mixing to obtain white material finished products. Machine equipment as shown in the figure:

The emulsification reactor is a plate structure of machinery and equipment. The inner cylinder is used to add business outsourcing. The heat insulation material is added in the middle, which can be heated to 200 ° C. The raw materials of the machine and equipment are environmental sanitary stainless steel plates, cooling and circulating water cooling, and collet heating. The overall design is very personal and executable. The arc-shaped connection of the barrel body wall transition section is adopted to ensure environmental sanitation without dead ends. Generally, it should be used in daily chemical products, pharmaceutical industry, food and other manufacturing industries, such as detergents, bath milk, shampoo, cream skin care products, food apple sauce and other commodities.

2.2 Canning stage (air compressor, automatic filling machine, block shaker)

2.2.1 Air compressor for piston machine

An air compressor is a simple machine that converts mechanical kinetic energy (electric motor, diesel engine) into aerodynamic energy.

This piston air compressor is a mechanical device that uses the crankshaft, engine crankshaft, and piston rod to carry out high-pressure gas in an enclosed vessel to cause air compression. Features: Generally, there is a built-in high-pressure container below 4 cubic meters, which has a simple automatic shutdown and start function.

2.2.2 Models and specifications of machinery and equipment for producing foam sealant

This machine equipment is mainly used for the filling of polyurethane foam foam jointing agent in the construction of windows and doors. The key is divided into two types of pipe and gun specifications. This equipment is composed of 7 equipments, and a white automatic filling machine One black history automatic filling machine, one gate valve machine, dimethyl ether pumping station, one propane inflator, one raw material vibrating machine, and external screw capping machine. The machine and equipment can be set to any one to six operating tables according to industrial plant and staff standards.

This equipment is a pneumatic machine. It does not use electricity and is driven by an air compressor. It has a high safety factor. It is only necessary for the industrial plant to maintain natural ventilation. However, I have to pay attention to the safety of my production.

Regulations for production industrial plants

Fully automatic machines and equipment can be set up as 1 to 6 operating tables according to the specific regulations of the customer's processing plant. At least only two people must be able to operate it, and five to six people must be actually operated. The more manual services, the higher the specific volume of production. All the machinery and equipment occupy a small area, mainly because the stacking of raw materials, packaging and finished products must be indoor space. In fact, a total area of one or two hundred square meters can be completed and put into production.

2.2.3 Block Oscillator

The key structure type of the machine is the silo frame, rubber bearing frame, cylinder and pneumatic components. The silo rack of the vibrating machine can fully and repeatedly move under the control of air compression and pneumatic components. In this way, the goods in the silo rack are shaken and shaken by the impulse of the shaker. The raw materials will be mixed and reflected immediately.

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