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Introduction and application

Polyurethane foam is also called one-component polyurethane foam sealant. It is a kind of auxiliary material that looks very worthless in a variety of types of building decoration materials. For almost two decades, everyone has n’t understood what it is used for, and now it has become a must-have in the home like a super glue. From the beginning, only imported fluorine-containing products were used. At this stage, China has thoroughly grasped the secrets and production processes of single- and two-component polyurethane material foam sealants, and has selected fluorine-free products and products that do not damage the atmosphere Developed a front polyurethane foam product that can reasonably reduce the manufacturing cost of doors and windows. Except that some manufacturers still use imported valve parts, other supporting facilities have been produced in China.

Polyurethane foam is a cross-fused material of aerosol technology and foam polyurethane technology. It is a unique polyurethane product filled with polyurethane material prepolymer, foam rubber, metal catalyst and other components in a pressure aerosol can. When the raw materials are sprayed out of the aerosol can, the foamed polyurethane material raw materials will quickly swell and react with the gas or the water in contact with the conventional to produce a dry solid reaction to produce foam. Polyurethane foam sealant foam plastic after drying has a variety of practical effects such as caulking, bonding, sealing, heat insulation, sound insulation, etc., is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly, easy-to-use building decoration material, suitable for sealing Leak-proofing, filling words, caulking, fixed and fixed bonding, heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, especially for leak-proofing and moisture-proofing of plastic steel profiles or aluminum doors and windows and walls.

Polyurethane foam foam is divided into two types: gun type and tube type (usually one-off). The tube type is mainly used for retail design ideas. In other words, the tube type is only suitable for plugging holes in the home to prevent leakage. Areas that are not large. In addition, the quality of general tubular products is not very good. Most companies' 750ML packaging and cost-effective products are not easy to use. Due to the lower working pressure of the tubular polyurethane foam sealant than the gun type, Sometimes, it will not be clean, and it is very easy to cause the gambling gate valve to fail to play. In addition, the polyurethane foam foam sealant with tubular polyurethane foam sealant has no gun-like detail, and the surge force is relatively high. Very sexual. The gun type actually costs less than the tube type.

Cost analysis

Many customers are now asking people about the difficulty of making styrofoam profit. Changing the thinking mode, the essence of profit is actually a problem of cost. Today, I will follow the steps of Jerez, and I will explain the cost of styrofoam. You officers, prepare the sunflower bench.

Everyone knows that to calculate the cost of the same item, you must first understand the composition of the item and the manufacturing cost (the ballpoint pen core is composed of the pen case and the pen core, and the cost is also determined by the pen case and the manual service industrial plant). The cost of glue is the same. So what are the ingredients of styrofoam? I will give you a list of each: the raw materials of styrofoam (white material, black history, dimethyl ether, propane butane), pottery (storage tank, gate valve, storage tank spray color), outer packaging (popularization theory That is to say, big paper boxes filled with clay pots), manual services, industrial workshops, polyurethane material foaming plastics manufacturing and filling machines.

Raw material costs. This is also a key problem in the cost of styrofoam. Just now, Xiaobian told everyone that the styrofoam is composed of white material, black history, dimethyl ether, and propane.

At present, the level of white materials on the market is different. It is divided into various grades, ranging from 3000 to 9000 tons. (The enterprise to be edited by Xiaobian has the technology to produce white materials. According to your requirements, it can be manufactured as you must. White material, the cost will be a bit lower); and the natural environment and temperature in each region are different, the preparation inside is also different, and the price of chemical raw materials in each region is also wrong (raw material problems); styrofoam The volume and net weight of the clay pot (product quality issue); whether the technical secrets of styrofoam are complete (technical difficulties), these are all factors that determine the cost of raw materials. As many customers are paying attention to this issue, Xiaobian will probably explain the cost of making a bottle of styrofoam according to the reliable styrofoam preparation, let everyone follow suit. Note that Xiaobian is talking about reliable and better preparation. According to the current market cost of sales of chemical raw materials, according to a bottle of 900g medium is about 5-6 yuan. High quality is around 10 yuan. Keep in mind that the formulation and quality of this type of styrofoam is often different from the styrofoam you have.

Therefore, Xiaobian's proposal to everyone is to send us the styrofoam test sample you want to produce, so that the current technical engineers can actually make a practical cost analysis for everyone.

It must be reminded that the products analyzed by Xiaobian are manufactured according to the reliable preparation of enterprises. Nowadays, some costs on the market vary from 4 to 12 yuan, and each region is different. Therefore, Xiaobian The analysis only provides a reference for everyone. The actual cost analysis requires you to send the test product. After the technical engineers analyze it, it can be clear.

Nantong Senbo Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. technology professional production and production of styrofoam machinery and technology professional production and production of styrofoam technology, so you do not need to worry about whether the goods in your hands can be manufactured, because this kind of City Senbo's eyes are not a founding problem.

According to Xiao Bian's interpretation of everyone's frustration, I don't know if everyone knows it?

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