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Application scope of storage tank

a. Construction, food, clothing, transportation, and fire water supply;

b. storage pools in various places;

c. production and drinking water of factories and mining enterprises;

d. other types of material vessels;

e. Various types of cooling circulating water, cooling circulating water, boiling water supply system software.

The type of stirring blade of the reducer reactor is generally applicable to the practical operation of high viscosity fluid mechanics mixing, high efficiency of the circulation system and low shear stress. The type of the stirring blade of the reactor still has stronger axial flow when equipped with a baffle or a draft tube.

The types of reaction tank stirring paddles belong to the same type of anchor type and frame type mixers. They are generally called anchor and frame type mixers in order to expand the scope of mixing and remove residual or liquid layers on the inner wall of the tank. The shape of the inner cavity, whose bottom end is integrated into the bottom of the tank, is also oval, tapered, etc.

The type of reactor stirring paddles in order to expand the range of stirring low-viscosity raw materials and increase the rigidity of centrifugal impellers. It is often necessary to raise some vertical blades and load-bearing beams on the anchor and frame, which promotes the appearance of the anchor-frame structure All kinds.

The type of the stirring blade of the reaction kettle is to mix and cut the liquid in the storage tank during operation. The type of the stirring blade of the reaction kettle must suffer from the axial and radial forces. In addition, because the liquid is added in stages, these two forces are again In the continuous change, then the design concept of the column shaft and the selection of rolling bearings have been changed from the original design concept to the design of fixed upper and lower swing. The upper rolling bearing is installed back to back with 2 angular contact ball bearings.

Because angular contact ball bearings can bear both axial and radial forces, and the ball bearings are integrated at high speeds, the contact angle of the rolling bearings diffuses outward along the rotation center line during back-to-back installation, which can enhance its radial and Axial support plate viewing angle stiffness and deformation resistance

The lower rolling bearing adopts a cylindrical roller bearing whose inner and outer rings can be separated, and the key is to bear the radial force. The inner hole swings to release the ground stress caused by the hot deformation during operation.

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