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The principle is to put the material in a stationary vessel, and use the power system to stir the material to speed up the capacity, mixing and reaction time of the material.

In the whole process of this work, vacuum packaging, pressing, heating, cooling and other functions can be uniquely equipped according to the needs of the material.

However, the power system of the reactor is all on top. Above the reactor is a motor and a reducer. Then, it enters the kettle body after a coupling, sound card frame, and mechanical seal, and then enters the kettle body and stirs it. There is no area where the stirring shaft is fixed at the end of the shaft. The main shaft is suspended in the air inside the reactor.

If it is a small reactor, the net weight of the main shaft is not large, and it is not easy to cause harm. However, for a large-capacity reactor, this stirrer must be supported at the bottom to prevent damage to the upper machinery. seal.

For reactors with very large specifications, the net weight of the agitator itself is very large, and the uneven support situation is very easy to occur when the materials are stirred.

The main shaft is like a lever, with the mechanical seal as the support point, and the following main shaft of the mechanical seal as the lever, which causes a recoil force to the mechanical seal, which easily breaks the mechanical seal and causes unnecessary damage.

The effect of the bottom support is to prevent such situations. The bottom support consists of three support frames that are fixed on the kettle body, and a fixed fixed seat is carried. The fixed fixed seat is a PTFE sleeve, and the bottom of the stirring shaft is fixed in this PTFE sleeve.

In the case that the reactor is in operation, the bottom support is a support point, and the lower part of the stirring shaft is fixed at the position of the bottom support, and the rotation of the main shaft is not endangered.

Equipped in that way can not only ensure the rotation of the main shaft, but also ensure that the main shaft does not easily shake up and down, and it is not easy to crack the upper end of the mechanical seal due to shaking, increasing the life of the reactor.

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