Strong disperserkneaderReaction kettleHydroxypropyl methylcellulose series

Rotation and revolution, stirring and kneading, stirring without dead ends, viscosity of 0-15 million cp; laboratory and industrial grades to 8000L can be processed; negative pressure -0.098Mpa can achieve so much, high degree of vacuum retention; temperature can be Control, accuracy ± 5 ℃; low-speed kneading and stirring and high-speed dispersion in a material tank at the same time ;.

Configuration of various stirring forms: door frame type, paddle type, dispersing disc, bow tie, etc .; discharge method: extrusion discharge, positive pressure discharge, pump delivery;

Applicable to the production process of liquid / liquid, solid / liquid, paste / paste, powder / paste and material density, large disparity, medium and high viscosity (tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of centipoise) in various industries; special processes Conditions, such as explosion-proof, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., can be customized.

ModelVolume LFeeding volume LMotor power KWStirring speed rpmDispersion speed rpmDegree of vacuum
Can be customized according to user needs
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